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Gecko on the Move

green meander
'cross the counter
on the table
peering from my orange juicer
looking frozen
in a cozy moment cruisin',
so I'm nearly losin'
trail that
that there tiny tail's
been tracin', fancy flight
to empty space
'n' poof! The lizard's gone
and only lawn
and dancin' sea
beyond is all I see---
an empty pond
a dream mirage
of pure invention
some dissension in
the caverns of my brain---
Was he real
or just a figment
of my mind's imagination?---
To be seen again, or
not, perhaps---
Who knows
whose path
will cross my kitchen
counter, or which hour?
Maybe not at all, but
droll or dour,
round or flatter,
sprinting lizard's
disappearing dance--
the pantomiming
of the gecko's
is the matter

Barry's new home is located at 2401 Umi [that's "Rumi," but without the "R"] Place, in Haiku, Hawaii, on the north shore of Maui. It is less than a mile from the ocean. It has nice ocean views as well as a great view of the volcano Haleakala (currently inactive!), the highest point on the island at over 10,000 feet above sea level.

The closing is scheduled for January 7 and Barry plans to move there in early January, 2003. He plans to call this island home  "Cloud 9 3/4" (You Harry Potter Fans will understand the reference!)

 The property itself includes over two acres of gently sloping land with many trees. The main house, built in 1995 (it is sort of a zen/ranch style), is at the back of the property. There is a lovely two-bedroom cottage (locals call this an "ohana") at the front. There are three solar hot-water units on the property that serve both the main house and the ohana.

Haiku itself has an active community center but has no real commercial or town center, as such. As you might guess from its name, it was originally settled by Japanese who migrated east to Hawaii.

The nearest town, only five minutes away, is Paia, a vibrant, thriving community that used to be a plantation town. Its commerce used to revolve around a large sugar plantation and refinery, which closed a couple years ago. For more than twenty years Paia has been a bustling tourist town and New Age Center.

Surfers also flock to this area. Just a few minutes from Barry's new home is Ho'okipa Beach, which is considered by many to be the premier windsurfing beach in the world. The tradewinds make it a windsurfers' paradise. Many expert board surfers come here, too.

 On a good day, one can watch a dazzling array of enthusiastic surfers, their colorful sails, boards, and surfer gear lighting up the horizon like a glittering, dancing rainbow.

    Or, of course, if one is really daring.........the watching becomes optional.....  :

Settling In:


Becoming Rooted:



Reaping The Fruits of One's Labors:




The Neighbors Drop By:






       Front Door Entrance   



Family Room


Kitchen--Main House


Kitchen Main House


Living Room  



The Studio


Studio Interior                                                                                Studio Kitchen



Cottage View





     Drive Through Window                                                      Hallway to Studio


Studio Entrance                                                                Master Bath



Master Bedroom                                                        Ocean View


  View from Kitchen                                                    Second Bedroom



Studio                                                                        Studio Kitchen


Studio Entrance                                                    View from the front Door

View from Master Bedroom

Just in case you are not familiar with Hawaii let me introduce you with a quote from former Vice-President Dan Quayle:

Hawaii is a unique state. 
It is a small state. 
It is a state that is by itself. 
It is a---it is different than the other 49 states.  
Well, all states are different, but it's got a particularly unique situation.

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