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 ***Dances With Breath***

Soulful Steps for a Peaceful Life

"Dances with Breath", a new CD written and produced by physician-poet Dr. Barry Alan Sultanoff, in collaboration with master musicians Paul Reisler and Lisa Reagan, is a 65-minute healing journey that celebrates life's preciousness. Its poetic narrative and soothing instrumentals transport the listener to a world of inner peace and harmony, offering a vantage point from which the listener can more easily focus upon---and create!---the life that he or she truly wants. Each of the CD's ten tracks explores a different theme of personal unfolding. For example:

Track 1.

Winds of Grace: an invitation to let go and sail free, as one

learns to dance with breath on an ocean of unlimited possibility.

Track 4.

Breathing Partner: a way of breathing in tandem with Mother Earth.

Track 6.

Mirroring the Gold: a discovery that what's loved and appreciated in the outside world is also a reflection of one's own beauty.

Track 8.

Harvest: a birthday party where one learns to "pollinate possibility" and create the future .

Track 10.

The Last Dance: "Peace of Wild Things": a musical reminder of life's wider context and of the vast natural world of which the listener is a part.

Humor Matters™

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