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Summary of New Supervision Requirements (BOP) 
effective January 1, 2005

 Supervised Professional Experience (SPE)

  • Prior to the start of the SPE, the primary supervisor and the trainee must sign a supervision agreement that identifies the following:
    • Capacity in which the trainee will be performing (i.e. intern, psychological assistant, etc.)
    • Starting date of the SPE
    • Anticipated completion date of the SPE
    • Duties to be performed by the trainee
    • Address of each location at which the specified duties will be performed
    • Goals and objectives of the plan for supervised professional experience

The primary supervisor must maintain the agreement until the hours of SPE are completed. Once completed, the primary supervisor must submit both the agreement and a verification of the experience signed under penalty of perjury by the supervisor directly to the board.

  • Primary supervisors shall ensure that a plan is in place to protect the patient/client in the event of a crisis or emergency occurs while the supervisor is not present.
  • Primary supervisors must ensure that each client or patient is informed that:
    • the trainee is unlicensed and is functioning under the direction and supervision of the primary supervisor
    • the primary supervisor has full access to the treatment records in order to perform supervision responsibilities
    • any fees paid for the services of the trainee must be paid directly to the primary supervisor or employer

Psychological Assistants

  • Psychological assistants must be under the direction and supervision of a licensed psychologist or board-certified psychiatrist who is employed in the same setting in which the psychological assistant is employed.  No longer do the primary supervisors have to be physically on-site at least 50% of the time the psychological assistant is providing psychological services.
  • Licensed psychologists who supervise psychological assistants no longer have to have three years of post-licensure professional practice.  They must possess and maintain a valid, active license free of any formal disciplinary action.
  • (c) A registered psychological assistant employed by one of the organizations specified in section 2913 of the code may receive delegated supervision pursuant to section 1387(c) from a qualified psychologist or a board certified psychiatrist other than the supervisor to whom he/she is registered if the delegated supervisor is also employed within the same organization. Otherwise, supervision may not be delegated under a psychological assistant registration.

Other Changes and Notes

  •  A new category to “trainee” has been created: the “Mental Health Waiver
  • Primary supervisors are not longer required to be employed 50% of the time their trainees work.
  • The 60-day grace period for supervision training is no longer in effect.  The primary supervisor must complete training prior to beginning supervision.
  • Delegated supervisors are no longer required training.
  • Primary supervisors shall require trainees to review the pamphlet “Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex.”
  • A psychological assistant employed in an organization specified in section 2913may receive delegated supervision.

    Supervision Agreement Form

    Verification of Experience Form

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