Mirth-In Wear


HumorMatters high quality t-shirts come in 2 styles and 2 colors. Pictures of the shirts will be on-line soon. In the meantime:

Shirt Color:
Light Grey or "Natural" (beige)

The Grey shirts are Haines heavy duty 50/50

The Natural Shirts are Haines "Beefy-T's" 100% cotton


Design 1 features Groucho Glasses with phrase "Practice Positive Humor" imbedded into the design so that "Practice" and "Positive" are eyebrows and "Humor" is the moustache. It is Black ink on Grey material or Brown ink on the Natural material.


Design 2 features words www.HumorMatters.com across the front with the phrase Practice Positive Humor below. The word "HumorMatters" is royal blue on the Grey shirt and "HumorMatters" is light burgundy on the Natural shirt. The rest of the lettering is black on the Grey shirt and Brown on the Natural Shirt.



All designs and colors are available in Large, Extra Large and Double Extra Large


Thumb Lite is a magician's rubber thumb that covers the thumb.  An internal red light has been added so that when the wearer presses the index finger to the thumb the thumb ignites with a bright red light.  Great for magic shows and for consultants.  The thumb can be used to "catch" the red light of laser pointers, roses, red fabric, etc.

Keep checking for updates and new additions. Changes to this site are made weekly. Please e-mail us with suggestions or additions for this site.

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